2012-2013 Annual Report

2012-2013 Annual Report

Teaching Fellows Institute

2012-2013 Annual Report

February 28, 2013

Establishing the Brand, Developing Relationships

For the Teaching Fellows Institute (TFI), 2012 was a positive year. While continuing to solidify the TFI financial position, the organization focused on establishing the TFI brand and developing collaborative relationships with organization in Mecklenburg County and beyond. While there is still work to be done in these areas in the future, TFI made significant progress in these areas as is more fully discussed below.

  1. Establishing the Brand
    1. US Trademark Application-the application for registration will help TFI in the future should any organizations adopt a name similar to TFI’s
    2. The Executive Director ‘s appointment to the CMS Professional Growth Task Force confirms that TFI is recognize as a valuable contributor to the professional growth of educators in Mecklenburg County and also helps to spread knowledge of TFI.
    3. Collaborations/relationships were begun with:
      1. Davidson College
      2. UNCC
      3. Charlotte Teachers Institute
      4. YMCA
      5. Blue Cross Blue Shield
      6. Charlotte Bobcats
      7. Art & Science Council
      8. Foundation for the Carolinas
      9. Northeastern University
      10. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
    4. TEDxCharlotteED-The Executive Director served as an event organizer facilitating the opportunity for a TFI alumna from Garinger High School to be a featured speaker.
    5. Intentional and expanded use of video.
    6. Press
      1. MeckEd For Your Consideration piece Sept 2012
      2. 2012 TFI Fellow Andrew Cambruzzi profile in the Charlotte Observer Dec 2012
      3. Charlotte Observer mention: public/private partnership Dec 2012
      4. Charlotte Observer print and online editions of Giving Guide
    7. The Executive Director received invitations to and attended many community events to increase TFI visibility.
  2. Fundraising- Continuing the focus on fundraising from foundations/corporations/individuals proved positive but still challenging.
  3. 2012 Summer Symposium-The 2012 Summer Symposium was held at the Whitehead Manor (July30-August 2nd) and continued its tradition of providing an outstanding experience for the chosen fellows ( 185 nominations, 85 completed applications and 29 selected as Fellows)
    1. Six teachers (3 public/3 private) were accepted for Partnership Grants
    2. Symposium surveys: Over 90% of attendees rated the program 4’s and 5’s (with 5 being excellent and 4 very good).
  4. TFI Alumni Fellows Community-The development and support of TFI Alumni Fellows is another venue where TFI worked to establish its brand and develop relationships.
    1. The Alumni Advisory Council was formed to further leadership opportunities for Alumni Fellows as well an avenue for providing information to the Board of Directors.
    2. Cultural arts tickets to the symphony and ballet were made available to Alumni Fellows through the relationship with the Art & Science Council.
    3. The closing reception for the Summer Symposium attracted twice as many Alumni Fellows as the previous year.
    4. Prof. Perry of Davidson College hosted a post symposium day long work shop in October for Alumni Fellows interested in exploring topics from the Summer Symposium in greater depth.
    5. A one day Positive Discipline work shop was planned in 2012 and held in January 2013. Reviews were so favorable that a two day work shop will be planned for January 2014.
    6. The Charlotte Bobcats offered free tickets to Alumni Fellows for two games.
    7. Early planning for a March 2013 event at the McColl Center for Visual Art began.
    8. Planning for an Alumni event with William Damon author of “The Path to Purpose” began.
  5. Board Development- The practices established for the selection of the Class of 2011 were continued with positive results
    1. Additional and significant representation from CMS
    2. Representation from Trinity Episcopal School and Providence Day School
  6. Leveraging Technology to Further TFI’s Mission
    1. Researched, began design and concept work on new web site.
    2. Expanded and enhanced use of video for marketing, fundraising, and communicating.
    3. Established a TFI You Tube channel
    4. Establish relevant Google Alerts.
    5. Researched (Mail Chimp and Constant Contact) email marketing sources and chose Mail Chimp.
    6. Began work on a Google for Non-Profits designation.
    7. Established an Evite account and used it for invitations and announcements of Alumni Fellow events.
    8. Extensively used local and web based free non-profit professional development.
  7. Looking Forward- TFI’s most challenging goals for the future include:
    1. Fiscal-
      1. Near term fundraising -Continuing the foundation/collaborator support garnered in 2012 to keep Alumni events frequent and of high quality as well as to develop the potential of Alumni Fellows.
      2. Mid-term fundraising- In the 2016 time frame, have the fiscal means to fully fund the Executive Director position along with the consideration of a health insurance stipend if needed.
      3. Long term fundraising – A signature endowment gift to support TFI past the 2024 time frame.


Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Caldwell

Executive Director