The Teaching Fellows Experience

The Teaching Fellows Experience

A Symposium will be held each summer for approximately 25 – 30 Charlotte-area teachers. Excellent teachers with a minimum of three years classroom experience will have the opportunity to apply to become a Teaching Fellow. They must be recognized as strong teachers with a commitment to the field of education and the improvement of the teaching profession, and should demonstrate leadership qualities in their school.

The Symposium will give excellent teachers the opportunity to discuss and examine best practices, to learn in greater depth about the latest research on learning, and to become more knowledgeable about their personal leadership styles. The Symposium faculty will be comprised of well-known educators and speakers in these areas.

Held in an intimate setting, the symposium is based more on the business model than on the educational model. Teachers will be treated well and community resources will be engaged. At the close of the Symposium the Fellows will leave with greater knowledge, a network of peers for continuing collaboration, and newfound energy and inspiration to share with their schools and students.

The group will be brought together in the fall and spring to continue the formal networking with the hope that it is ongoing and supportive. The Teaching Fellows Institute website will post articles of interest and will serve as a place for the Fellows to continue to share their ideas. In the coming years, former Fellows will be invited to join the Symposium’s faculty.

Key Points

  • The Teaching Fellows Institute supports all educators in the Greater Charlotte region.
  • The primary purpose is the keep excellent teachers in the field of teaching.
  • There is no cost to participants or their schools.
  • Seed money allows this program to begin; more monies must be raised in order for the vision to be realized and teachers to be served.