TFI Application

TFI Application

Application Procedure


Teachers having a minimum of three years of full time teaching experience are eligible to self nominate with endorsement of an administrator. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding competency in the classroom and be regarded highly by colleagues, students and parents. Applicants should demonstrate leadership in his/her schools and have shown a commitment to the teaching profession and the improvement of teaching and learning.

To Apply

  1. Fill out the information application and short answer community question
  2. Answer one of the following questions in essay form (essay may not exceed three pages doubled spaced, 12 point font). Type directly in the box or copy and paste from a Word document into the box.
    • Describe a specific situation in your teaching career in which you made a difficult decision regarding either a student or a colleague.
    • Describe a specific situation in which you questioned your decision to become an educator.
  3. Ask your principal or school head to submit a Confidential Principal Recommendation Form.