The purpose of the Teaching Fellows Institute is to recognize and honor the Charlotte area’s outstanding teachers and to provide opportunities that further develop their leadership and professional expertise in order to promote retention of these effective educators.  Teachers will share best practices, explore the art and science of teaching, and be encouraged to become educational advocates and community leaders.

Teaching Fellows Institute

The teaching profession is in crisis. More than a million highly experienced teachers are nearing retirement. In the next decade, the United States will need 2 million new teachers. Approximately 50% who enter the field leave within five years. When interviewed, teachers report that the two factors that most influence this situation are salaries and the lack of respect, support and value. They often speak of feeling isolated. The National Education Association reports that too little attention has been given to holding on to the quality teachers…the best and the brightest…the very ones we can’t afford to lose.

Action must be taken to counteract this problem. Communities, organizations, corporations and individuals can and must do something to let our strongest and best educators know that they are valued, honored and supported.

The Teaching Fellows Institute will do just that. It is our goal to “Honor, Engage and Inspire” the best teachers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Guiding Principles

We are committed to:

  • Honoring teachers from the Greater Charlotte region to encourage the engaged retention of these educators.
  • Building a collaborative network among top community educators.
  • Strengthening the understanding of learning and teaching through the use of current research.
  • Collaborating with community leaders regarding educational and professional needs.
  • Inspiring excellent teachers to share their vision, experience and knowledge with others.