A Year In the Life of a Teaching Fellow – Deborah Brown Class of 2012 – Garinger High School

By: Barbara Caldwell

July 9, 2013

Part Two of Six – One Day Seminar at Davidson: Critical Thinking About Ethics

This was a unique experience.  I and other Teaching Fellows Institute alumni were able to participate actively in a workshop conducted by a nationally recognized professor on a beautiful college campus. The work shop looked deeper into the Ethics topics discussed in the summer symposium and was conducted by Professor Dave Perry, Director of the Vann Center for Ethics at Davidson College. We used an introductory level Philosophy book Professor Perry selected for the group.  Preparing for this one day seminar reminded me of how I would prepare for my professors’ classes in undergraduate school. That experience alone reminded me of the rich opportunity I have to create intellectual discourse around central ideas and themes with the students I work with as a purview into their academic future.


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